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Grease Monkey - Grand Junction #948

687 Horizon Dr,  Grand Junction,  CO 81506
(970) 242-5500


Here are what some of our customers have said about our service.

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Kelly Clingman
Grand Junction, CO
12/8/2015 4:26 PM ETZ
" Always pleased to go to the Horizon Drive Grease Monkey!  The team there is friendly, efficient, and do a GREAT job! "

Kelly C
Grand Junction, CO
12/8/2015 4:26 PM ETZ
" Always pleased with the Horizon Drive Grease Monkey.  The team there is friendly, efficient, and do a great job! "

Jerry Bancuk
Muskegon, MI
7/24/2015 4:26 PM ETZ
" A+ Excellent service, courteous, fast & helpful. Highly recommend!! "

Jen P
Grand Jct
12/31/2014 4:26 PM ETZ
" Phil and the others were very friendly and knowledgable with my unique situation. I will definitely be back and will recommend that others visit that location as well. "

Elliott H. (Yelp User)
Grand Junction, CO
3/5/2014 9:58 AM ETZ
" I've used Grease Monkeys all over the state and these guys do a great job. the place is always clean had they have chocolate chip cookies! When I'm traveling through town they always get my oil changed in a hurry and are very friendly. "

Marc E. (Yelp User)
2/28/2014 11:18 AM ETZ
" The Grease Monkey on horizon drive is a great place to have your car serviced,basic oil change,or other automotive repairs.  The Grease Monkey staff is professional qualified and motivated to help each customer. The bays are very clean and organized and the service time is efficient; for a no hassle car service and oil change, this is a trusted brand in auto repair. Give them a shot you will be happy with the results and low price!~ "

Mary J. (Google User)
Grand Junction, CO
" I had a wonderful experience at this location. I brought my VW Jetta in for an oil change. The gentlemen working were very welcoming and informative. It took less than 30 minutes and when my car was returned they had not only vacuumed it, but placed carnations on the dash board. I was extremely pleased with their service and will be using this location again! "


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